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We specialise in custom cross-platform mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows), offering Reliable, Scalable and Secure software with a focus on fun and entertainment.

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Farmer Giles needs your help! 

After losing his job in the recession he decided to make his fortune growing sunflowers to harvest their oil for bio-fuel and cooking oil, a good healthy living if ever there was one. 

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 Looking for the Windows Mobile version?

Stacks Timer is packed full of amazing new features, a simple and easy to use timer and your average solve times! How to stack, and your best and average times, all these features are available for the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and the cycle stack separately so you can watch yourself progress.


(UPDATE!!) It's harvest time on the allotment but the bugs are hungry! - And it's free!




Want to have fun pulling party crackers, save money and save the world at the same time? - well here's your chance to have it all! 

100% free, 100% environmentally friendly, uses no cardboard, no explosives, no paper, no left over toys to be sucked up the hoover, here it is… the new Crackers app.  Check out the Video!

Amuse your friends, all you need to do is download this free app to two bluetooth enabled devices (iPhones, iPad, or iPod Touch) - and you are ready for the best cracker experience you can get without costing the earth! 

It's only 10 minutes into the journey, what parent does not dread the words- "I'm bored, ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET?" 

Need some entertainment on a long journey? Do you want jokes, facts, a drawing pad, did you want to doodle on pictures, play games and have fun? 

Download the app free from here


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