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We specialise in custom cross-platform mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows), offering Reliable, Scalable and Secure software with a focus on fun and entertainment.

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Borne out of my own frustration of a lack of a decent training and health app. for stand up paddle boarding. Let us introduce SUPTrails the health and training app designed for the Stand Up Paddleboard community.  Available now in the iOS App Store...

Need a fun filled app to keep you busy while you wait for Easter? This app is jam packed full of easter themed mini games for you to enjoy!

- Whack an egg

- Catch the eggs

- Where's eggy

- Egg match

- Drawing pad

- Paint an egg


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Want more Christmas fun than we ever thought possible to squeeze into a single app?- try Festive Fun today!

Check out the video advert!


Untill 2004 all most zombies did was walk slowly and moan, but now they can run as fast as we can!

So who's fastest, lets find out!

Zombie games allows you to run, swim and hurdle as a zombie or human competing in thein the game centre with players all over the world.

Runs on iPhone and iPad!

Download today for free and compete in this Zombiefied sports game!

 "High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training, is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 9–20 minutes. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning." - Wikipedia 

 Download the app here

The HiiT app is great for helping you shed those pounds, keeping in shape and looking great. The short daily exercise routines makes High Intensity Interval Training perfect for people without much free time. 

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