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(UPDATE!!) It's harvest time on the allotment but the bugs are hungry! - And it's free!



Our friendly farmer is having a really bad day, his plants are almost ready to harvest but those bugs keep on coming! How long can you keep the bugs off the harvest armed just with your bug spray? 

Slow bugs, fast bugs, bugs that spawn more bugs, and it just gets harder! 

Compete to get the highest score with your friends in the game centre in this fun and maddening game! 

This version is supported by advertising revenue, if you don't like the adverts or want more challenging levels then grab the full version in the app store today!

No updated with improved graphics, game play and sounds!



It starts easy but gets much much harder... with more and more different bugs as time goes by!


Download play and rate 5 stars

Want to have a go on a Lite version to see if you like the game download it here

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